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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rally Raid Products now in stock and on the shelves!

After the initial rush of orders we have now finally got most of Rally Raid's items in stock and on the shelves for immediate delivery. This includes all of the 690 Upper Tank bolts, 690 Lower Tank Bolts, 950/990 Adventure Rally Fairings, 690 Counter Shaft Protection, 690 Enduro Engine Protection with Water Tank, 690 Billet Brake Levers, 690 Billet Shock Collars and 690 Foam Filter Conversion Kits. Orders for KTM 690 Auxiliary Tank Kits are still being filled but we should see both the Black and White versions here in stock for immediate deliver in the next week or two. We sincerely appreciate our awesome customer's patience with these new and outstanding products and hope that we can continue to bring you the latest and greatest products for your 950/990 Adventures and KTM 690s.

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