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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kini/Red Bull Casual Apparel coming to the US in limited quantities!

KTM and KTMTwins.com are excited to announce that KTM will be bringing the very popular Kini/Red Bull Casual Apparel to the United States. The Kini/Red Bull Casual Apparel has been popular over in Europe and for good reason, it looks cool. Red Bull has a strong hold on their image and that is the reason you don't see too many products over here in the states with their image on it. Because KTM has a strong relationship with Red Bull they are able to offer products with their image on it and that is great for us race fans. We haven't told you the best part. With every purchase KTM will donate to the "Wings for Life Foundation". This is a great cause and we think you will like both the items and sleep better knowing that your money isn't just going to a great cause. Keep posted here at KTMTwins.com for more details as they come in.

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