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Thursday, July 1, 2010

KTMtwins.com July Newsletter

New Bazzaz Electronics for the KTM RC8!

One of the big bosses here at KTMtwins works as a Crew Chief in professional roadracing as he is pretty excited that an aftermarket manufacturer like Bazzaz Performance Design sees the value in supporting a smaller production model like the RC8. The BPD stuff is truly plug and play, with basic fuel mapping, closed loop mapping, traction control, and all of the above options. KTMtwins has a full palette of KTM RC8/RC8R Electronics.

Hepco-Becker KTM 950/990 Xplorer Sidebags and Top Box

Keeping with Hepco-Becker’s tradition of offering high quality products that will last the test of time these new KTM 950/990 Xplorer Sidebags and Top Box are just what the doctor ordered. These tough as nails sidebags and top boxes are light weight and waterproof. They are constructed of aluminum and protected on each corner with shock absorbing reinforcement polymer. The latches are lockable and like all Hepco-Becker Boxes they offer excellent customer support if you need a replacement part. Order your set today for that summer trip you are planning.

Renthal Twin Ring Sprockets for your KTM 690

We all of heard of twin ring sprockets like KTM’s Stealth Series Sprockets - Renthal has now joined the game with sprockets for all of our 690 customers with their KTM 690 Supermoto/690 Enduro/690 Duke/690 SMC Rear TwinRing Sprocket. With a light weight aluminum center carrier and a high tensile strength carbon steel outer ring you will get the benefits of a light weight but durable sprocket that will last you a long time

Elka KTM 990 Super Duke 3 Way Racing Shock

Elka has been a major player in motorcycle and car suspension for some time now and should be a consideration for all of you Super Duke owners when looking for the best damping control for your motorcycle. The Elka KTM 990 Super Duke 3 Way Racing Shock features high and low-speed compression adjust-ability to provide squat and traction control during cornering and acceleration, keeping the contact patch of the tire on the track while allowing smooth absorption of bumps and obstacles. In short, it keeps you glued to the track. These are not an "off-the-shelf shock" - they are custom-built and sprung specifically for you to get the maximum performance for your specific personal use. No need to change the spring or have it re-valved. Install it and ride. After all, that's what it's all about.

CRG’s new Arrow Bar End Mirror

We have known the guys over at CRG for years now - they design and make some of the nicest products on the market. Their 3 inch round bar end mirrors have been the staple on most high end European and Japanese bikes for years now. Their new CRG LC8 Billet Aluminum Arrow Mirror teardrop design is stylish and functional and looks amazing on every KTM we have mounted them too. The support arm now offers two distinctive adjustments rather than just one. They are a bigger then their 3 inch version due to their teardrop design, but not big enough to take away from the lines on your motorcycle. The best part about them is they mount onto CRG’s bar end adapter so if you already have the CRG’s 3 inch mirrors and want to upgrade - you don’t have to spend the money for new adapters.

KTM’s Evo 1 Performance Kit for the KTM 690 Enduro and SMC

Looking to open up some more ponies from your 690 Enduro or SMC? KTM and Akrapovic have worked together to offer all of you 690 owners the KTM 690 Enduro/690 SMC Evo 1 Complete Tuning Package that will open the door and let that hidden horsepower out. On top of Akrapovic’s all Titanium Full System you get a new open style airbox allowing more air into the engine. This is the secret to the whole package. With more air in, and more air going out you will allow the engine to breath much better and that makes your engine very happy. This kit will require you to have your local KTM Service Department install Akrapovic’s Open map in order for this kit to run right. 

ADV Rider Discount!

Did you know that as a member of ADVRider you get 10% off orders of $999.00 or more? Simply leave your ADVRider username in the comments section when checking out and we will adjust the total for your discount. It's as easy as that.

That's all for now. Ride Safe. See you on our next Adventure.


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