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Monday, May 17, 2010

KTMtwins Changes International Shipping Policy

Effective immediately KTMtwins.com no longer ships KTM OEM parts to customers whose shipping address is outside the United States. These parts include oem replacement parts, and any part in the KTM Hard Parts Catalog. We do still ship our extensive inventory of non-oem parts including Touratech, Hepco Becker, GB Racing, R&G, Dynojet, ZipTy, Powerlet, Leo Vince, Graves, Remus, FMF, Super Plush, STM, Galfer, Brembo, Uni, Aqualine and more. We carry more non-oem parts than KTM oem, and are adding more every day.

When ordering parts, if you are an International customer and you place an order for an item that doesn't say Ships Internationally: Yes on that items page above the Add to Cart, we will remove that item from your order before processing it.

For KTM OEM parts we suggest that you support the dealer network in your country. Apologies for any inconvenience.


  1. Sad info...The "local" dealer in my country is just an importer of the bike. No parts in stock and everything 700% more expensive than what I can pay with any other dealer arounf the globe...
    It's even cheaper to get a plane to US buy the parts and get back to this hole...

    If KTM wants to force you not to give the support they've should check how worldwide into and want kind of people they are putting here...
    They will just kill this bike in my opinion...

    Sad KTM...Really Sad...

  2. Do you have any folding mirror for KTM 990 ADV that can be shipped internationaly?


  3. Wish I understood why KTM did this. They should then also make sure that prices on OEM are regulated. Never could understand why I got parts from the USA way cheaper than in Canada. Why not create the incentive to shop on the home front. First we pay an arm and a leg for the bike then we get raped on the parts. Obviously owners are going to be more reluctant to spend. Please explain how is that good for business.