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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TechSpec Tank Grip Kit for your Adventure and Super Enduro

Many of our customers have TechSpec's Gripper Kits for their Super Duke and RC8 but did you know that they are now producing kits for the 950/990 Adventure, 950 Supermoto "R" and 950 Super Enduro. Inexpensive, versatile and surprisingly effective at reducing stress on your legs when squeezing the tank for long periods of time these kits are worth every penny. Next time you are planning a long haul or setting up your bike for a aggressive ride off tarmac consider one of these kits for your bike. We think you will be surprised.

Friday, February 12, 2010

All FMF Exhaust now 20% until March 31st

We want to let everyone know that if you have been looking at that FMF Exhaust for your Adventure, Super Duke, Supermoto, Super Enduro, 690 Enduro/SMC or 690 Duke and couldn't justify the expense right now, you should seriously consider the option. FMF makes some of the nicest exhaust systems for all of our bikes and we are proud to announce their latest promotion ending on March 31st. With 20% off all of their systems how can you go wrong. Place your order and make sure to add discount code "fmf20" for your 20% off!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

KTMTwins.com Water Pump Upgrade Kit now in stock!

We must of caught KTM off guard with our Water Pump Upgrade Kit because we have been struggling with getting the parts in the United States. We finally got enough to build some kits and now they are in stock for a limited time. If you have been contemplating this upgrade or are due for your next water pump rebuild you may want to order up a kit today and beat the rush before they are back ordered again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

H4 and H7 HID Kits are coming to KTMTwins.com

Looking to increase your lighting on either the stock US headlight or the European Headlight assembly? HID Light Kits for both the H4 and H7 Bulbs are coming to KTMTwins.com. At $79.95 you can now beat down darkness anywhere you go!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

KTM 990 SMT Parts back in stock!

Hey everyone we were getting worried there for a second when KTM announced that all of the key aftermarket parts were going to be back ordered until late March but are surprised to see them show up here at KTMTwins.com. We recommend that if you have a down payment on one or are serious in obtaining one to order up your parts early before they are back ordered again. Here are just a few of the items we recommend for your new bike. KTM 990 SMT Skid Plate, Crash Bars and Center Stand.

Monday, February 1, 2010

KTMTwins.com February 2010 Newsletter

20% off all KTM FMF ExhaustsWe want to let everyone know that if you have been looking at that FMF Exhaust for your Adventure, Super Duke, Supermoto, Super Enduro, 690 Enduro/SMC or 690 Duke but couldn't justify the expense, you should seriously consider the option. Place your order and use discount code fmf20 for your 20% off! Offer ends March 31st.

TechSpec Gripper Tank Pad Kit for the KTM RC8 and Super Duke We are proud to introduce the TechSpech KTM RC8 Super Duke Tank Gripper Kits. Offered in two different compounds, "Snake Skin and High Fusion" they will keep you planted in the saddle while pushing the limits. Rumor has it they are working on a KTM 950/990 Adventure Kit as well as a 690 Kit. We will keep you posted on those kits as soon as they are available.

KTMTwins Billet 690 Gas Cap
Want to fix that annoying gas leak that you've been dealing with on your KTM 690 Enduro or SMC? Why not fix that issue and add some style to your bike with the KTMTwins.com 690 Billet Aluminum Gas Cap Assembly. Kit includes a billet base, gas cap and all the necessary mounting hardware. We even include your choice of black or orange vent cap to round out the package. Don't go without one of the hottest items available out there for your 690.

KTM 690 Enduro Rally Fairing

Looking to turn your KTM 690 Enduro into a Rally Replica? We are excited to now offer up one of Italy's hottest exports, the KTM 690 Rally Fairing. Made of fiberglass and available for either the stock tank or the Safari KTM 690 Over-sized Tank. There are even versions available for either the new style front headlight that comes on the 690 or the older style. Everyone is covered with this fairing. Painting is necessary so you will need to source out a good painter but that shouldn't be too hard in today's market. Add one today and watch all of your buddies drool next time you go down to Baja!

KTM 950/990 High Performance Silicone Hose Kit

Next time you have your bike in for service pick up one of our KTM 950/990 High Performance Coolant Hose Kits for your bike and sleep better knowing you have eliminated one more possibility of problems. This hose kit is the same type of hoses that have been used for years by professionals in all aspects of auto and motorcycle racing. Made of high tech silicone material, it will not turn hard from years of heat cycles or prematurely tear when you are in the middle of the desert. Did we mention that this kit comes in Orange and will make your bike look even more trick than it already is?

KTMTwins 19mm Handlebar Riser Kit

Looking to add a little height to your bike but don't want to use any of the old style handlebar risers that look cheap and may raise your bars higher than you wanted? KTMTwins.com has come up with their own KTM 19mm Handlebar Riser Kit that will raise your bars up 19mm - the perfect height for most riders because it doesn't put your brake lines and control cables in jeopardy of reaching their limits. The kit comes with the handlebar riser and longer mounting bolts necessary for installation. Pick yours up today!

Yana Shiki KTM 950/990/690 HID Light Kit Kit

Need more lighting for those dark winter nights? Yana Shiki is one of the leaders in HID lighting kits available for motorcycles and autos. We have sourced out both a H4 and H7 Yana Shiki KTM 690/950/990HID Light Kit for either the stock US headlight or the European headlight assembly. Easy to install and with a ballast that is small enough to hide pretty much anywhere you really should look into adding additional lighting to your bike. If you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere riding most of the time you may want to consider this kit for safety reasons.

ADVRider Discount!

Did you know that as a member of ADVRider you get 10% off orders of $999.00 or more? Simply leave your ADVRider username in the comments section when checking out and we will adjust the total for your discount. It's as easy as that.

That's all for now. Ride Safe. See you on our next Adventure.


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