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Thursday, August 6, 2009

KTMTwins.com August 2009 Newsletter

KTM 950/990 Adventure and 950 Super Enduro Single Side Exhaust Conversion

If you are looking to add one of the Auxiliary Side Tanks to your 950/990 Adventure or 950 Super Enduro then you have come to the right place. We are happy to introduce you to the components that will make that happen for you. Remus is the first company to step up and offer their outstanding exhaust pipes in a single can format for those of you looking to switch over to this set up. All of the cans are forestry legal and are available in Carbon, Titanium and Aluminum. You will need either the KTM 950/990 Adventure 2 into 1 Pipe or the KTM 950 Super Enduro 2 into 1 Pipe to make this kit happen. Next time you are planning that trip to Alaska or down to the southern tip of Mexico take a little extra fuel with you.

SW Motech's KTM 950/990 Adventure Quick Release Suitcase Carrier System

Want to remove your luggage while in Baja so you can go for a day trip? No use in lugging all of your luggage or even the rack around with the possibility that you will damage the carrier and not be able to get your luggage home from the hotel. The SW Motech Quick Release Suitcase Carrier System is here to resolve that problem. Simply remove the suitcase carrier with the supplied tool and in minutes you have eliminated the weight and concern that you may damage your carrier for the trip home. Currently fits all Givi, Hepco-Becker and Pelican Side Cases with required adapters. Don't leave home without it!

Kaoko KTM 950/990/690 Throttle Lock Cruise Control
We love this new product. It's simplistic design means you don't have to worry about it breaking on you while in Alaska. It fits between the throttle and your hand guards keeping it out of the way and protected in the event of a spill. Small enough to be out of the way when you aren't using it but big on features when you do. Pick one up today before they run out of stock!

CRG Levers for your KTM 990 Super Duke, RC8, 690 Supermoto R and 690 Duke
CRG has been making levers for some time and with their outstanding fit and finish you can see why. They offer their standard Roll A Click levers in 3 different anodized colors, and standard and shorty lengths. The hot set up is their Folding Roll A Click levers. Designed after the levers on million dollar Moto GP bikes they fold up and out of the way in the event of a crash. With all their billet aluminum colors and their 6 position lever adjustment you can't go wrong.

KTM RC8 990 Super Duke MotoGP-inspired Remote Brake Lever Adjuster
This is why KTM is such a great company. What other OEM offers stuff like this?. With the KTM Remote Front Brake Lever Adjuster a simple turn of the dial eliminates nasty lever play when your brakes start to fade. This will guarantee consistent lever feel which will inspire more confidence and control. Pick one up today before your next race or track day.

KTMTwins Tech Tip of the Month

Did you know that when you go up in gearing on your rear sprocket that you may not have enough slack in your chain to make the change? Don't worry, you may not have to buy a new chain to make this change happen. You can simply remove and swap around your rear chain adjuster blocks on your rear axle which will move your axle closer to the front of your swingarm. This change will leave you additional slack in your chain allowing you to install that bigger rear sprocket without having to buy a new chain. This will allow you to go one or maybe two teeth bigger on your rear sprocket, depending on the condition of your chain.

Customer KTM of the Month

Dave Johnson has one of the coolest Super Dukes we've ever seen. Protection, carbon, fit and finish. And that graphics kit! Dave claims to know someone who knows someone. We'd take just knowing one of those someones. Enjoy the slideshow, and thanks to Dave for the pics.

ADVRider Discount!

Did you know that as a member of ADVRider you get 10% off orders of $999.00 or more? Simply leave your ADVRider username in the comments section when checking out and we will adjust the total for your discount. It's as easy as that.


That's all for now. Ride Safe. See you on our next Adventure.


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