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Friday, April 10, 2009

Tubeless wheels for your KTM 950/990 Adventure, 950 Super Enduro and 690 Enduro!

Imagine not having to spare room in your cases for extra front and rear tubes. Imagine not having to take tire irons or bead breakers on your next trip saving room for the essentials like underwear. Now you can have your cake and eat it to. We are really happy to introduce you to a Tubeless Wheel System that doesn't require you to purchase a new complete set of wheels allowing you to save those extra dollars for beer in Mexico. This kit converts your standard wheel that came with the bike to tubeless which provides multiple benefits. You will reduce your unsprung weight allowing your suspension and brakes to perform better. All you have to take with you on long dusty trips on the trail is a standard plug type repair kit allowing to plug your tire while the wheel is on the bike. This saves you time and headaches if you are trying to enjoy your trip. "Nuetech recommends their kits to be used in off road situations only so, if you like to play in the dirt and want the benefits of tubeliss wheels then pick yours up today."


  1. Nice idea, but the description on nuetech.com says:

    This product is for off road use only! (http://www.nuetech.com/PDF/tubliss.pdf)

    Is it really applicable for the 950 onroad?

  2. I don't know for sure the long term answer for that but I just went on a 3-day ride with a friend using it on his 690 SE. We left San Francisco to the Pumas NF (North of Tahoe) and rode pavement to there at a pretty good pace with absolutely no problem. Then it was mostly off-road and the lower pressure was again no problem. On the way back we ended up on the freeway at some point and it seems that there was no overheating or any other visible issue. I'm sold!