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Thursday, March 19, 2009

KTM Super Duke Essentials List

If you own a KTM 990 Super Duke you may need a little help with deciding on which items you want to start off with. We've been doing this for a while and have a good idea on what you need. I can try and sell you on a full exhaust system and Power Commander but what you really need is items that protect your ride in the event of a get off. You want to have a nice bike to mount that full system too right? The first thing you may want to install on your bike is a good set of crash protection. This group includes items from R&G Racing who have made a name for themselves with their top of the line manufacturing and construction. This group includes Upper and Lower Frame Sliders, Front and Rear Axle Sliders, Ignition and Clutch Cover Protection and I recommend one of their Tail Tidies. The last item is simply for style. I don't think there is anyone who will argue with the style points awarded to you for eliminating that obscene stock license plate holder. Speaking of style points that also protect your ride we can't leave ASV's new C5 Billet Brake and Clutch Levers. They look and feel just right. With a 5 year warranty and the option of standard or shorty length you can't go wrong with throwing a set of them on your bike. If you happen to break a lever or two ASV will replace them for free. While we're at it we suggest getting an R&G Racing Radiator Protector. This will eliminate any of that nasty road debris from punching holes in your expensive radiator. Once you're protected you will want to really push it. While your pushing it you may want to control the bike better by installing the G2 Throttle Tamer. This little item is special because it not only tames out the glitch everyone is experiencing off throttle but also adds protection to your throttle assembly. How does it protect you may ask? Well, G2 has manufactured their tamer out of billet aluminum which will not break or crack in the event of a crash, assuring you that you will not have to limp the bike back. You can piece these items together over time or order them up in one shot. Regardless of how you go about it we really believe that every Super Duke should be protected.

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