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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

990 Adventure Essentials list #2

OK, so I gave you the bare essentials for your KTM 990 Adventure in my last blog and wanted to expand on it. I know everyone has different requirements based on where you live and the type of riding you are subjecting your Adventure too. What we all can agree on is the fact that these few items offer more bang for the buck than most. Starting off with the European Headlight Assembly and the PIAA High Output White H7 and H3 Light bulbs for that bezel, this really kicks up the juice so you can see on those dark nights riding on the back roads. To compliment you additional lighting we included in this list the G2 Racing Tamer Throttle to smooth out the glitch with the stock Fuel Injection and a set of KTM Heated Grips to keep you hands nice and toasty. Throw in a 16TH Counter Shaft Sprocket for those times when you need to out accelerate your buddies and a set of KTMTwins.com Frame Protectors and you have the makings for the ultimate Adventure bike. Keep an eye out for more suggestions to come! Ron

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