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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KTMtwins.com February 2009 Newsletter

Happy New Year to everyone from KTMtwins. It's been far too long since our last newsletter. We're actually too busy for this one, so we did what we always do - we pawned it off on Ron! We're working hard here sourcing you the KTM Parts and Accessories that go beyond the catalog. We need to take a minute to offer our congratulations to Jonah Street and Team Rally Panam for their success in this years Dakar. It was great to read their updates on Twitter.

And being the friends we are, since Jonah is recovering from his wrist injury, we are out riding his Dakar bike:

Ron Rides Jonah's Stage 5 Winning Dakar KTM!

I have to admit something to the world. I am secretly in love with all things racing. Production machines just don’t do it for me. I love the smell of race gas, the beauty of well placed duct tape and zip ties. You have to admit when you go to the races you may walk past street bikes that would deserve a well-placed centerfold in most motorcycle magazines, but you still walk by with maybe a small nod of recognition. What we all want to witness in person are the exotic race creations that are well protected behind semi trucks and red tape. Well, I guess I have friends in the right places because I was able to throw a leg over Team Panamerica’s Stage 5 winning KTM 690 Rally Race Bike and I can tell you that the memory of this will stay with me for a long time.The first thing you will notice is the punishment this thing has endured. From the South American dirt still lingering around the spokes and rear sprocket, to the custom Renazco Seat that James was so gracious to hand build. This thing has been ridden hard (and put away wet). Niles Follin, who is the team mechanic and one of my best friends, was kind enough to work all of the switches and knobs that are necessary to wake the bike up. After letting her warm up for a bit it was off to the urban enduro course that we call San Francisco.A wheelie down Mission Blvd was no big deal with the gobs of power that KTM 690 power plant is pumping out. The ergos were some of the roomiest I have had the pleasure to experience and the seat was so comfortable that I thought for a second I was on my couch at home. I am still drooling from the experience and hope to ride Jonah’s Dakar winning bike next year. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but with a Stage 5 win on a bike that was under-powered compared to the factory boys, and the amount of determination that our working class hero Jonah has, I don’t doubt that Team Rally Panam will walk into next years Dakar and take some names. Good luck guys and thank you for allowing me to experience this opportunity.

Ron Nichols. . .
KTMTwins.com Tech Tip March 2009

Did you know that you have two auxiliary ports in the toolbox that allow you to mount any kind of electronic accessory you can think of? From a GPS unit to a simple set of heated grips you are covered with these accessory ports. They allow you to mount up a GPS or any other electronic device without routing all of the wires to the battery. This will eliminate the possibility of draining your battery when you forget to turn the device off. It also gives you a secondary fuse in case something goes wrong.How to get to the auxiliary ports is easy. Simply remove the two sides of the bodywork that are directly on top of the two fuel tanks. A simple 5mm Allen wench will do the trick. There will be two hoses for venting that are attached to those two pieces of bodywork, so use a pair of needle nose pliers to undo the clamps and disconnect them. Now with the headlight and windscreen left on the front end remove those and put those to the side. Once you have all of that taken care of you should be looking at the back side of your fuse box. You will notice that Auxiliary accessory port one is empty and ready for use.

The second auxiliary port can be used but remember that this port is also being shard with your clock. Wire up your goodies and install the headlight, windscreen and side bodywork back on in reverse order. Now go out there and ride.

KTMtwins Has Your Suspension Covered

If you don’t have proper set up suspension you’re cheating yourself. Properly set up suspension will benefit you in so many ways. Better stability under braking, better handling and all around better confidence is what suspension will do for you. James from Super Plush Suspension and myself have worked together for years to get you the springs you need, the rates you need and the cost you want. KTM 950/990 Adventure fork springs and shock springs are available in many different years and rates as well as our new 690 Enduro, 690 SMC and 690 Supermoto suspension fork and shock springs. You ride on the very same stuff that Jonah Street does. If you don’t see springs listed for your particular bike don’t worry. We can get them made. Email me and I’ll see what I can make happen for you.


This is a high flow all foam drop in air filter element from Uni Filter. Simply spray on Uni Air Filter Oil and drop it in to the slot normally assigned to the stock air filter and get more flow and better protection. This will be one of our top sellers along with our Uni Pre-Filter for the 950/990 Adventure. We hope to source some filter skins for this item and hopefully will have more about that in the next newsletter.

ASV C5 Adjustable Billet Aluminum Levers for the RC8/990 Super Duke and 690 Supermoto R

I have been working with ASV and my buddy Justin down there for months on these ASV Adjustable KTM Levers. They are machined out of aluminum with pivot point designed in so that if you tipover the lever will pivot forward instead of breaking. The bearing is inset at the pivot point and a bushing smoothes out the lever play, so your levers feel solid and positive. They also designed into the lever an easy to reach roll-a-click dial that adjust for reach on the lever. No matter how big or small you hand you can find that happy medium with these babies. Because these are in the C5 family of levers from ASV they have a five year warranty.

KTM Twins New Vendor Profile

We are happy to introduce you to GB Racing. They are highly involved in both BSB Racing in Europe and the KTM RC8 Cup starting in April of 2009. Each racer is issued a race kit consisting of race bodywork, full Akrapovic Exhaust, Sponsor stickers, spare Marchesini wheels and a Clutch and Ignition Cover intended to give the rider and the track a little extra protection from leaking fluids after a crash. Of all the items in the RC8 Cup Racer pack these are the only two items that aren’t KTM Hard Parts.Unlike some of the other producers of damage control, GB Racing has taken their case cover protection one step further. Both the Clutch and Ignition cover protection are injection molded out of a composite that is both lightweight and durable. They simply mount up over the existing Clutch and Ignition covers and not only protect the covers from abrasion as well as light punctures but add some style to your bike in the process. They offer crash protection for all of the 990’s in the line up and are adding new items all the time. I was impressed with GB Racing’s business plan and focus in providing outstanding products that are well made and do the job. They want to get more involved in the U.S. with AMA Racing and hopefully they will have the opportunity with KTM in 2010. We will have a full line up of items from GB Racing in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes open.

That's all for now. Ride Safe. See you on our next Adventure.


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